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RAI Expert

Sonko is an African citizen born and living in Senegal, specialist in agricultural value chains and organizational and institutional support. With more than three decades of professional experience. He worked in agriculture recherche and was responsible for the support to the horticulture sector during seven years within the Horticultural Crops Development Programme. He was a national manager of an international NGO in Senegal during 4 years. 

As a consultant, Mr. SONKO has facilitated multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder processes for the formulation and evaluation of public policies in different sectors (Agriculture, Trade, Industry, Transport, Tourism, Private sector development, etc.). It is within this framework that he led processes on the implementation of the CAADP, in Senegal and in other African countries.

He has a high knowledge of the dynamics of civil society for having been National Coordinator of an international NGO specialized in migration-development. Also, Mr. SONKO has led missions on private sector development and stakeholder dialogue in Senegal and other African countries. 

Mr. Sonko has also worked on gender issues, notably through the elaboration of the Senegalese National Strategy Document for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship

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