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RAI Expert

Sepiso Mungandi is an Agricultural Economist and Agribusiness Specialist, currently working as District Agricultural Coordinator under the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia. She holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Commerce from Massey University, New Zealand and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Zambia. Having worked in the agricultural sector since 2006, Sepiso has vast experience in Farm Management and Entrepreneurship skills, as well as Management and Leaderships skills. She also possesses competences in facilitation, curriculum and training manuals development, acquired through many years of conducting trainings in the Ministry of Agriculture and other local and international organization. 

As a consultant, Sepiso has worked with international organisatons such as the World Vision, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) on capacity-building and agricultural related matters. Additionally, she is a mentor and coach to a number of youths through her non-profit organisation known as May-One Connect Foundation.

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