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Process facilitation and documentation on detailed Regional Standards and SPS Workplan for key value chains/products to be funded under the ERRA program. February-March 2023

In February and March 2023, we successfully facilitated and documented a crucial milestone in the ERRA program. Our focus was on developing detailed Regional Standards and Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Workplans for key value chains and products set to receive funding under the program. This pivotal event brought together experts, stakeholders, and policymakers from various regions to collaboratively design a framework that ensures the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability for our agricultural value chains.

The Process:

Our facilitation process was meticulously designed to foster inclusive and comprehensive discussions. We began by conducting in-depth assessments of each key value chain and product to identify specific challenges and opportunities. Leveraging the collective expertise of participants, we sought innovative and contextually relevant solutions to enhance market access and boost trade while safeguarding consumers and the environment.

Key Outcomes:

1. Regional Standards: Through collaborative efforts, we established comprehensive Regional Standards tailored to the unique characteristics of each value chain and product. These standards will serve as the benchmark for quality assurance and consistency across participating regions, bolstering the competitiveness of our agricultural exports in the global market.

2. Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Workplan: In recognition of the paramount importance of food safety and the protection of plant and animal health, our team worked closely with experts in the SPS domain to develop a robust Workplan. This Workplan outlines stringent measures and protocols to mitigate risks, prevent the spread of diseases, and maintain the integrity of our agricultural products.

3. Stakeholder Alignment: The collaborative nature of our sessions fostered strong stakeholder alignment and commitment. Participants from governments, producer associations, research institutions, and private sectors gained a shared vision for the successful implementation of the ERRA program and its positive impact on the livelihoods of farmers and the prosperity of regions.

Next Steps:

With the Regional Standards and SPS Workplan in place, we are now poised to advance towards implementation. Our team will continue to support and engage stakeholders as they incorporate these frameworks into their policies, regulations, and day-to-day operations. Continuous monitoring and evaluation will ensure that the program remains adaptable to evolving challenges and opportunities, maximizing its impact on sustainable agricultural development.

As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a resilient, inclusive, and prosperous agricultural landscape. The ERRA program's success relies on the dedication and collaboration of all stakeholders, and we are confident that together, we will achieve transformative change in the agricultural sector.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and enthusiasm during this pivotal event. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress on our journey to empower farmers, elevate agricultural standards, and drive economic growth in our regions.

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