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Retouch Africa International Ltd (RAI) stands as a beacon of transformative development, fostering growth, driving change, and igniting progress across the diverse landscapes of sub-Saharan Africa. With a remarkable legacy of over 15 years, RAI has established itself as a pivotal force in catalyzing positive change and sustainable development.


At the core of RAI's mission lies an unwavering commitment to empowering organizations and communities through a comprehensive portfolio of specialized consultancy services:

Processes Facilitation

RAI excels in orchestrating transformative processes that bring stakeholders together, nurturing innovation, collaboration, and strategic advancement.


RAI imparts knowledge and skills through comprehensive training sessions, empowering individuals and teams to excel.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

RAI builds resilience and preparedness, safeguarding against disasters

Programs Management

With expert precision, RAI manages programs to achieve impactful outcomes, harmonizing diverse elements for success.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting

RAI's data-driven approach ensures progress tracking and informed decision-making through rigorous evaluation

Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Resources Management (CCANRM)

RAI addresses environmental challenges, crafting innovative strategies for sustainability.

Leadership Development

Nurturing effective and visionary leaders is RAI's hallmark, fostering leadership excellence through tailored interventions

Organizational Development (OD) and Institutional Strengthening (IS)

RAI enhances internal structures and capacities, bolstering organizational effectiveness

Environmental Management and Assessments

Sustainability is woven into RAI's fabric, ensuring responsible practices across operations

Change Management

RAI guides organizations and communities through complex transitions, fostering resilience and adaptability.

Action Research

RAI's evidence-based approach informs strategies through rigorous research bridging theory and practice

Peace Building and Conflict Management:

RAI's conflict resolution expertise fosters harmonious coexistence and lasting peace.

RAI's transformative consultancy thrives on participatory partnerships, co-creation, and holistic thinking. Collaborators span Community Groups, NGOs, Government Agencies, Private International Consulting Companies, Research Institutions, and Development Agencies.

RAI's approach integrates rigorous data analysis, visionary thinking, and dedication to sustainable progress, embodying the bridge between aspiration and realization.

Join Retouch Africa International Ltd on a journey of transformative development—a journey where change is ongoing, empowering, and evolutionary. Experience Africa reimagined through RAI—a partner of progress, prosperity, and lasting change. Rewriting the narrative of a thriving Africa starts with RAI.

Discover the potential of Africa transformed—Retouch Africa International Ltd.

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